Weekly Best Panerai Submersible Watch

In the world of the Panerai, there is no such thing as a small watch. For many years, Panerai’s life span began at 44 mm in diameter and above. This consists of the Submersible, a model that even among other Panerai used to impose with its generous diameter and thickness. The Submersible PAM00959 still impresses, yet now with a diameter of only 42mm. Times have changed, and slowly but surely the brand has introduced smaller versions of its iconic watch.
This givesPanerai still so much space to incorporate all the features the Submersible has been known for. Its distinct diving bezel, made from ceramic, adds a dash of color by being deep blue, complimenting the textured grey dial beautifully. The hands are as bold as ever, and legibility is second to none. With a water resistance of 300 meters is the Submersible PAM00959, a dependable diving buddy, and even the feature crown-guard with locking mechanism is not missing.  
As the Submersible is meant to be a so-called ‘tool watch,’ it is form follows function. It lacks any polished surfaces, which help giving it a no-nonsense look. It doesn’t even have a sapphire case back to admire the movement. On the contrary, you get a stainless steel case back with an engraving of the military submarines used by the Italian navy’s frogmen, who were among the first to use a Panerai in their profession.
As a matter of fact, this is just as pleasing, as it underscores that you are here dealing with a watch made to be a practical object, even though it has a luxurious way of delivering this. Inside we find in-house movement, caliber OP XXXIV, which shows a power reserve of 72-hours, date-function, and sub-seconds at nine o’clock.
It is based on a ValFleurierebauche, movement manufacture owned, just as Panerai, by the Richemont group. It is one of those movements that are sturdy and reliable, just what you want in a watch like the Submersible PAM00959. With the replica watch, Panerai also proved that size doesn’t matter, because even at a smaller size, submersibles can carry momentum, which is equally desirable and, for many of us, more durable.